Friday, 1 June 2012

simply magic :) wink3..

assalamualaikum smua. n salam Jumaat from yana. :)

Hari nih msa duk tgk tv, tibe2 tgk iklan psal Cyril. Yes!! he's back. Cyril Takayama my favourite magician lah!
haha. ape daa ak nih, org len dk sibuk mnt kt chef2 ak mnt kt magician. suka sgt tgk magic die uh.. sbb...
Cyril Simply Magic is unlike any other magic show ever made,  through Cyril’s seemingly impossible feats the audience gains hope that nothing in life is impossible, because Cyril accomplishes the impossible everyday. ad satu episode tuh, die tkr daun jadi rama2.. so beautiful :)

cyril : 
“Whatever you can imagine, can be made real.” yeahhh! i love u lahh cyril!

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